The OPAC has changed.

Essentials to remember when using the new OPAC with its new book bag and login feature:

The results of a search are displayed as a columnar list with the following columns:

"ROW" - is the row number of the title in the list of search results being displayed.  It is a continuous sequential number for all the items resulting from a search.  Thus, on page 2 the row numbers will start at 21 since there are up to 20 titles displayed per page.

"MEDIA" - A word that indicates the media such as "CASSETTE", "BRAILLE", "LARGE TYPE", etc.

"AUTHOR" - is the author's full name

"TITLE" - is the title of book resulting from the search.  These are sorted in alphabetical order with leading articles. This is a hyperlink to the full description of the book.

"TITLE ID" - is the unique sequence of letters and numbers that identify the title.  The typical TITLE ID has 2 or 3 letters at the beginning that identify the medium such as RC for "Recorded Cassette"  or LT for "Large Type" followed by up to a 6 digit number. Thus, "RC 55610" would be a legitimate "TITLE ID."

"SELECTED" - This column indicated whether you have selected the item for the bookbag. It's value is changed from from "NOT SELECTED" to "SELECTED" or "SELECTED" to "NOT SELECTED" when the SELECT/REMOVE button for that item is clicked.  When the "SELECT/REMOVE" column is set to "SELECTED" the book is placed in the book bag  The default initial setting is "NOT SELECTED"

"SELECTE/REMOVE" - a hyperlink (clickable link) that changes the last column in the display that changes the SELECTED column of the item tp either SELECTED or NOT SELECTED. It's a toggle switch for selecting books for the book bag.


To add a book to your book bag click the "SELECT/REMOVE" button in the rightmost column of the table entry that displays the title you want placed in the book bag and the next to last column column on the far right hand side of that entry on the display will change from "Not Selected" to "Selected". If you change your mind about a selected entry, simply click on the far right column (The "SELECT/REMOVE" column for that entry again and it will change the "SELECTED" column on the display for that item to "Not Selected".   Its works like a toggle switch (like a light switch) which starts as "NOT SELECTED" and then when the SELECT/REMOVE button is clicked it alternatesthe SELECTED column between "SELECTED" and "NOT SELECTED"


Some searches can result in thousands of titles.  Only 20 titles are displayed on a page so you may need to move from page to page or to the last page or a previous page. To get to the next page of your search results, click on the word "NEXT" at the top or bottom of the current page where the search results are displayed.  You can also click on the word "LAST" to get to the last page of your search results if there is more than one page.  When you are on any page except the first page, the word "PREVIOUS" is also displayed at the top and bottom of the search results list.

You can navigate through all the pages of your current search results selecting those things you want in your bookbag and then you can do a new search and select additional items to be added to your bookbag without losing items added to your book bag from a previous search.


You can narrow the search results by clicking the "ADVANCED SEARCH" button and then seleting the criteria in the categories that are displaye.
The criteria you may select to narrow a search are:

"Lowest Level" - the lowest reading level acceptable, e.g. Pre-School to Adult
"Highest Level" - the highest reading level acceptable, e..g Pre-school to Adult
"Fiction/Non" - only fiction or non-fiction items
"Language" - the desired language such as English, Spanish, etc.
"Accepts Violence" - yes or no
"Accepts Description of Sex" - yes or no
"Accepts Strong Language" - yes or no


To see the items in your bookbag click the "View Bookbag" button.  The Bookbag display is a list of items that were selected from search results.  The bookbag display has buttons at the top that allow you to navigate back to the search results screen, the main menu screen, and to checkout. Before clicking the "Checkout" button you must enter your user id and password provided by the library. There is also a button that allows you to change all the items in the bookbag to "SEND LATER" since the default is "SEND NOW". This is a toggle switch that allwos to to alternate changing all items between "SEND NOW" and "SEND LATER". The bottom part of the screen is is a list with  the following columns:

"ROW" - the number of the row in the display

"Title ID" - is the unique ID of the title as explained above.

"AUTHOR" - The author of the title

"Media" - the media in which the title has been recorded as explained above

"Title" - The title of the book as a hyperlink to the boob description "SELECT" - A hyperlink that is used as a toggle switch to change the last column of the display titled "SEND NOW/LATER" from "LATER" to "NOW" or "NOW" to "LATER."  The default is "LATER."

"NOW/LATER" - is a text field that displays the word "NOW" as the default of when the book will be sent but it can be changed to later by clecking the button in the next column labeled "SEND NOW OR LATER" "SEND NOR OR LATER" - a button that can be used to toggle the "Now'later" column. "REMOVE" - a hyperlink that when clicked will delete the item from the bookbag.

Once the View Bookbag screen has been displayed you can either perform a new search, return to previous search results, check out,  delete some of the items you selected for your bookbag, or change the status of bookbag items from "Send Later" to "Send Now"

You can check out at any time by entering your user ID and password in the fields at the top of the bookbag screen and clicking the "check out" button that is displayed at the top of View bookbag screen.

To track your session it is important that you use the menu buttons on the OPAC screens to navigate where they are provided BUT YOU MAY USE THE BROWSERS BUTTONS AND ICONS AS NEEDED


You may select the "Login to my account" option on the main menu to view information about your books.  This includes viewing the following:

NOWHAS LIST - The books you currently have from the library
REQUEST LIST - The books you have on your request list
RESERVE LIST - The books you now have on your reserve list
HASHAD List - The books that you have ever had from the library

If you encounter problems or have questions we encourage you to call the Library at 1-800-792-8322. Monday through Friday 9am to 4:30pm